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A successful application needs to be driven by a detailed scope of work, a great user experience, intuitive design and bulletproof code. iMarttrends has worked on hundreds of custom web applications and custom tools that are currently being utilized by new and established South African businesses.

With extensive experience in all areas of software and application development, iMarttrends has gained an intuitive understanding of how to deliver proven results in a timely and cost effective manner. Each project is meticulously scoped out and documented to ensure that the requirements are met and the clients expectations are surpassed.

How It Works

User experience and user interface are the primary concerns for any project that is developed today. We look at the user interface from all possible angles based on what is required by modern users. We must consider the users today, are not only the computer users but also those who are using the mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and notebooks.

In spilt of understanding that UX/UI design is a huge part of the project, a lot of organization is still using the traditional method to work on the design; writing specs detailing every single interactions, working on full mock-ups to present to client for approval, all without understanding the business thinking of the project. This painstaking process usually takes a long time and many wasted hours. By the time you have decided how your website or mobile app should look like, the market has already changed it’s needs.

When we start with your project, we will quickly prototype the few most critical, core user workflow and immediately push out to you and your users to validate if this meets the business needs. The design continues driving the design by collecting the feedbacks and iterating the design frequently and eventually through incremental changes and designing, we will be able to deliver a design that really matters.

Your project should be a constant improvement machine where user feedback is continuously obtained to make continuous change. We believe the faster you get your feedbacks, the faster you can make changes, the faster we can push your web application or mobile application to market.

Summary Results

Building a structure for your app, laying out your content and functionality on screens – focusing on the user journey and requirements. Through our knowledge of user-experience oriented design & development, you can be sure your user experience will be admired. Now for the techie part, building your app from the foundations up. Our mobile app developers will work, as per the SOW, to deliver a quality application. Before your app is put live it will be meticulously tested by our team and yourselves to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. The app is now yours! Take it and do great things with it or we can support you in taking your app to market.

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